Images School Art Exhibitions – How it works

Planning & Preparation

We find out what sort of exhibition you want to run. Are you more interested in a social event, a fundraiser or a combination of the two? We also decide on a date and leave your Exhibition Box which contains your teacher packs and publicity materials.

Painting the Pictures

Each teacher takes their Art Pack which contains art paper for each child as well as guidelines for the teacher. To give ideas there are Teacher Guidelines as well as an Art Gallery which the teacher can share with the class using interactive whiteboards.When the pictures are finished everything goes back into the Exhibition Box which we collect and take away for framing.

Publicity & Promotion

While we are framing the pictures you can start promoting the exhibition using posters, parent notices and invitation cards supplied in your Exhibition Box. These have been developed over a number of years and guarantee a big turnout.

The Big Day

No two exhibitions are the same but a typical exhibition day works as follows.

  1. We arrive early and set up the exhibition for class viewing.
  2. The children come class by class for a preview. This is a great opportunity for a look and respond art class.
  3. In the afternoon the exhibition is opened up to families. We look after anyone who wishes to buy.

4 In the evening the exhibition is opened again to facilitate working families. Again we are on hand to look after things.

5 At closing time we take all the pictures down and sort them for easy distribution the following day.

6 We finish off by completing the paperwork and paying you any commission owed.

Follow Up

1 Unsold pictures are left with the school for late sales.

2 After a couple of weeks we come back to take away unsold frames and do a final settle up of accounts.