Images School Art Exhibitions – What we do

Art Exhibition Experience

An Images Exhibition fits well with the new school Art Curriculum allowing children to look and respond to their own work as well as to work done by others.

Great Social & PR Event

Many schools use their exhibition as a backdrop to a great family based social event. The exhibition is also a great opportunity to advertise the school at its best in the local newspapers. 

Easy to run & no bills

Tried & tested the Images system keeps it very simple for the classroom teacher and to give peace of mind we ask for no financial commitment of any sort from the school.

Value for money for Parents

With prices to parents starting from as little as €7.00 for a beautifully framed painting and a colourful class photo, these lifelong mementoes of a child’s time at school are great value for money. 

School Art fundraising idea

Raising money is a reality for many schools. An Images exhibition is a novel & exciting fundraising idea. 

Class Photos

Good value just got even better!! A colour class photo for every child in your school.