School Art fundraising idea

For many schools fundraising is an everyday fact of life and an Images Art exhibition is an ideal way to earn some money as well as enjoying all the other benefits of a great social occasion.

We charge a fixed price for every picture sold, you can add a supplement to our price and that is yours to keep.

As to how much you can make that will depend on how many pictures are sold and how much you decide to charge for each picture.


Let’s say your school has 400 children. You are selling the pictures @ €15.00 each and 300 out of the 400 are bought.

Sales 300 x €15.00                                           €4500

Images 300 x €10.00                                        €3000

Profit for School                                                €1500

This is just an example and the actual funds raised will depend on the price charged to parents & the number of pictures sold.

The exhibition can also be used as an opportunity to make extra funds as well with cake sales and raffles.